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Human Condition: Critical
An Introduction to Homeopathy


This book won second prize among 3800 papers at the First World Congress of Traditional Medicine.

"Readers of his books rave about his ability to teach them about medicine as well as health and well-being."
-Napa Trade Journal

This book is the perfect companion to The People's Repertory. This book provides a more in-depth explanation of what homeopathy is and how it works, emphasizing chronic illnesses. Dr. Luc explains the pillars of good health and the true causes of chronic diseases such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He describes the multiple factors causing such diseases to become widespread in our civilization, while explaining homeopathy's powerful tools to combat them. Dr. Luc helps the reader to discover and heal neglected emotional factors affecting health. For a thorough and easy-to-understand introduction to the laws and concepts of homeopathy, there is no better book than Human Condition:Critical. This book won second prize among 3800 papers at the First World Congress of Traditional Medicine.
216 pages.


"The author has been thoroughly schooled in western medicine, homeopathy and acupuncture, giving him a much broader view of health than most doctors. Here he draws social attention to the environmental causes of ailment, sressing that it is only by addressing these causes, and not merely the sysmptoms of disease, that we can ever hope to bring about a cure."

"Renowned physician, acupuncturist and homeopath Dr. Luc De Schepper urges his readers to take medical matter into their own hands. Homeopathy is made accessible and fascinating by his easy writing style and mangeable, yet comprehensive, wealth of knowledge. This worthy book is easy to pick up and hard to put down."

"Human Condition: Critical An introduction to homeopathy is a very readable and interesting explanation of homepathy and its ability to treat emotional factors in disease. It provides the knowledge necessary for people to make informed choices about practitioners, the healing process, and the use of this effectie and inexpensive form of medicine.