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Dr. Luc De Schepper, M.D., D.I. Hom., C.Hom., Lic. Ac.
Curriculum Vitae
Career Highlights
  • Medical degrees and licenses in Western medicine, acupuncture and homeopathy with thousands of patients seen in 30 years of practice

  • Author of fifteen books on acupuncture, homeopathy and holistic health care

  • Media appearances on over 30 television shows and over 100 radio shows in the United States and abroad

  • Founder and teacher of the Renaissance Institute of Classical Homeopathy School (R.I.C.H.) teaching in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Secaucus, NJ , Las Vegas, NV, and Longmont, CO.

  • Internationally distinguished lecturer on homeopathy and acupuncture
    Winner of the Silver Cup (Second Prize) for best paper submitted among 3800 entries, First Congress on World Traditional Medicine, Las Vegas, NV, 1994; and the Gold Cup (First Prize) for best paper in its category, Second Congress on World Traditional Medicine, Las Vegas, NV 1995; congress co-sponsored by the World Health Organization and the government of the People’s Republic of China

  • September 1998, elected Board of Directors, California State Homeopathic Medical Society


Degrees and Licenses
1995 Medical license, State of New Jersey
1992 Diplomate of the British Institute of Homeopathy under the private tutelage of its Director, Trevor Cook, M.D., M.Hom., physician to the Royal Family. Extensive Post-Graduate Homeopathic education and training.
1985 Medical license, State of Colorado
1984 Medical license, State of California
1982 License in acupuncture, State of California, after passing state examination
1980 License in acupuncture from the Dutch Doctors’ Acupuncture Association three-year program in acupuncture and homeopathy, Amsterdam, Holland
1971 M.D. degree from the University of Ghent School of Medicine, Belgium

2007 Presently in private practice in Homeopathy in Los Angeles, California
1999 - 2001 Private practice in Homeopathy in San Diego, California
1996 Present Founder/Director the RICH School in Cambridge, MA, Las Vegas, NV, Longmont, CO and Secaucus, NJ. Teaching worldwide.
1995 - 1997 Private practice in homeopathy, Red Bank, New Jersey
1985 - 1993 Private practice in preventive medicine, homeopathy and acupuncture, Santa Monica, CA. Founder/director of the Mega Medical Group, Inc.; supervised staff of 16 health care practitioners including MDs, nurses, chiropractors, nutritionists and massage therapists.
1985 Present Lecturing and teaching throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, China and Australia for professionals and the general public
1984 - 1985 Internship in Neurology, UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA, at the VA Hospital, Wadsworth, CA
1981 - 1982 Professor at California Acupuncture College, Westwood, CA
1975 - 1981 Private practice in internal medicine, homeopathy and acupuncture, Ghent, Belgium
1971 - 1975 Family doctor for NATO troops in West Germany

Books and Publications
  • Achieving and Maintaining the Simillimum: Strategic Case Management for Successful Homeopathic Prescribing, Santa Fe, New Mexico, June 2004, 370 pages

  • Homeopathy and the Periodic Table, Santa Fe, New Mexico, June 2003, 315 pages

  • Hahnemann Revisited: A textbook in Homeopathy for the Practitioner. Santa Fe, New Mexico, Full of life Publishing, June 1999, 600pages

  • The People’s Repertory: Your Guide to Safe, Effective Homeopathic Remedies.
    Santa Fe, NM: Full of Life Publishing, 1998

  • What About Men: The Dark and Light Side of the Male. Santa Fe, NM: Full of Life Publishing, 1995

  • Acupuncture in Practice. Santa Fe, NM: Full of Life Publishing, 1994

  • Musculoskeletal Diseases and Homeopathy: A Textbook for Professionals.
    Santa Fe, NM: Full of Life Publishing, 1994

  • Human Condition: Critical. Santa Fe, NM: Full of Life Publishing, 1993.

  • How to Dine like the Devil and Feel like a Saint. Santa Fe, NM: Full of Life Publishing, 1993

  • Full of Life: How to Achieve Peak Immunity. Los Angeles: Tale Weaver, 1991

  • Peak Immunity: How to Combat Illnesses Such as EBV, Chronic Fatigue, and Other Auto-Immune Diseases. Santa Monica, CA, 1989

  • Candida: the Causes, the Symptoms, the Cure. London: Foulsham, Ltd., 1986

  • Acupuncture for the Practitioner. Santa Monica, CA, 1985

  • Acupuncture Within Everyone’s Reach. Ghent, Belgium, 1980

  • Numerous articles and interviews in journals including:
    The Townsend Letter for Doctors, Homeopathy Today, the Western Homeopathic Journal, American Journal of Homeopathic Medicine, Homeopathy in Practice (England), Links (Holland) New England Journal of Homeopathy, British Homeopathic Journal, Homoopathie Zeitschrift (Germany) and staff writer for articles on homeopathy for the Earthstar, Boston, Ma. His books, Hahnemann Revisited and Achieving the simillimum are translated in numerous languages: Dutch, German, Hindi, Urdu, Japanese, Polish and Russian.


Media Interviews
Over 30 television interviews and over 100 radio interviews in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia, including:
  • Interviews for Arnold Pike’s “Viewpoint on Nutrition,” in Los Angeles, 1989, 1990, and 1991

  • Appearances on “First Opinion” and “Health Styles,” Los Angeles, 1992

  • 30 radio shows and 10 TV shows on all the major TV networks in Australia, including the Ray Martin Show, the nation’s top talk show, 1991

  • Interviews on “The Dr. Atkins Show” and “The Gary Null Show,” NY, 1988

  • Two television appearances on “Good Morning Los Angeles”


Over 300 lectures to professional societies and lay audiences worldwide, including:
  • Nov 2-5, Kandern , Germany : 3 day seminar for licensed homeopaths

  • October 6, 07: Tulsa , OK : speech for yearly meeting of the homeopathic vets

  • June 17-24, 07: seven day seminar in Helsinki , Finland

  • April 5-7: Dubai , Emirates; 3 day seminar: Advanced management

  • March 31-April 1, 07: Eindhoven, Holland ; 2 day seminar

  • Feb 16, 17 and 25-28, 07: Adelaide and Brisbane, Auistralia: lectures for homeopaths advanced management

  • July 8-9, 06, Meppel, Holland, at the Kent Homeopathic college: 2 day seminar: “Management problems in your practice, part two.”

  • July 1-2, 06, Brussels, Belgium: Two day seminar “the von Boeninghausen method”

  • June 23-25, 06: Ireland: Lecture at the Irish Conference on Homeopathy: “Dreams and Homeopathy.”

  • April 28-30, 06 Iselin, NJ, USA: 3 day lecture: “The Phobic Personality”

  • Jan 19-Feb 22, 06:India—teaching tour "Hanhemann's Advanced Methods" (14 different locations, Delhi, Calcutta, Madras, Pune, Jenshappur, Goa, Gujarat, Jaipur, etc.): teaching at Homeopathic Medical colleges and seminars for teachers, practitioners, and students.

  • Jan 13-14, 2006:Las Vegas, NV, USA: Three day seminar: “The Obstructed Personality.”

  • November 25-December 19, 05: Europe—Homeopathic Lecture tour in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Holland

  • July 17-21, 05: Albuquerque, NM, USA: 5 day seminar: Beyond Jung: Neuroses, Dreams, and Delusions.

  • June 12-July 3, 05: China--lecture tour at Medical Universities: Ten lectures with "TCM and Homeopathy" at TCM of Shangai; TCM of Hangzhou; Medical School of Jingzhou; TCM of Wuhan

  • May 23-24, 05: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada:British School of Homeopathy: “Seven questions to Resolve management cases.”

  • March 3-March 31, 05: Sri Lanka, Thailand: Homeopaths without Borders in Sri Lanka: Helping Tsunami survivors

  • February 26-27, 2005, Florida: Speaker of the Florida Association of Homeopaths: 18th yearly seminar: "Dreams and Homeopathy"

  • Feb 12-13, 2005: Boulder, CO, USA: Colorado School of Homeopathy
    "Finding the simillimum through the core delusion"

  • 2004: Monthly homeopathy school seminars in USA--Secaucus, NJ, Las Vegas, NV and Longmont, CO. Also: Oct 2-3: Boston; May 15-16: Toronto, Canada; Dec 17-18: Los Angeles

  • Jan 5-Feb 4, 2003: Kenya, Africa: 1 month Homeopathic lectures tour for nurses, MDs, TV and radio appearances and treatment of patients

  • June 21-24, 2003: Alonissos, Greece,: Lectures for Radar Software: "The value of patient symptoms "

  • March 2002, Colorado, USA: Institute of Classical Homeopathy, 3 day workshop
    "Finding the Simillimum and Case Management"

  • Jan 4 till Feb 4, 2002: Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban,(South Africa): series of lectures on Homeopathy for the Homeopathic schools and Medical doctors

  • June 2, 00: MA, USA:: Caritas Norwood Hospital, CME Lecture for physicians: “Introduction to Homeopathy.”

  • Nov 13-14, 1999, Santa Monica, CA, USA: California Homeopathic Medical Society,. Full day seminar on “Unraveling the Simillimum.”

  • May 10, 1999, Brockton, MA, USA: Good Samaritan Medical Center, CME Lecture: “Integrating Homeopathy in Allopathy.”

  • May 7, 1999, Westford. MA, USA: . Massachusetts Coalition of Nurse Practitioners, Northeast Regional Nurse Practitioner conference, “Acute Homeopathic Prescribing in Pediatrics.”

  • February 11, 1999, Boston, MA, USA: Tuft Medical School--Lecture on Homeopathy to second year medical students. “The place of Homeopathy in Medicine.”

  • March 1998, Chicago, IL, USA: National Association of Pediatric Nurse Associates and Practitioners, “Homeopathy and Chronic Illness” and “Acute Homeopathic Prescribing in Pediatrics.”

  • March 27-30; San Diego, CA, USA: The National Center for Homeopathy, Annual Homeopathic Conference, “The Cutting edge of Homeopathic Medicine; “LM Potencies: the Jewel of the 6th Edition of the Organon.”

  • March 1998, Boston, MA, USA: Dana Farber Cancer Institute: Task force on Integrating Alternative modalities, “Role of Homeopathy in Cancer Treatment.”

  • 1998, Boston, MA, USA: Tuft Medical School, “Concept of Healing and Illness,“

  • May 1998, Tampa, FL, USA: American Holistic Nurses Association

  • 1995, Red Bank, NJ, USA: Optometric Association of New Jersey, one-day seminar

  • 1995, Morristown, NJ, USA: National Health Fair

  • 1995, Seattle, WA, USA: Institute of Acupuncture, Seattle, WA 1995

  • 1994, Las Vegas NV, USA: First Conference on World Traditional Medicine

  • 1994, Lakehurstm NJ, USA: American Society of Military Comptrollers

  • Nov. 1993, Australia: 12 speaking engagements

  • 1991, Las Angeles, CA, USA: National Health Education for Nurses

  • 1991, Australia: 25 speaking engagements

  • 1990, Oxnard, CA, USA: St. John’s Regional Medical Center

  • 1989, Westwood, CA, USA: Acupuncture College

  • 1989, Pasadena, CA, USA, Cancer Convention

  • 1989, Boston, MA, USA: Northeastern University

  • 1989, San Francisco, CA, USA: Acupuncture Association,

  • 1987, Los Angeles, CA, USA: UCLA School of Medicine, Department of Anesthesiology

  • 1987, Pasadena, CA, USA: Natural Health Convention

  • 1986, Santa Monica, CA, USA: Rheumatoid Disease Foundation