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Over 300 lectures to professional societies and lay audiences worldwide, including:
  • July 8-9, 06, Meppel, Holland, at the Kent Homeopathic college: 2 day seminar: “Management problems in your practice, part two.”

  • July 1-2, 06, Brussels, Belgium: Two day seminar “the von Boeninghausen method”

  • June 23-25, 06: Ireland: Lecture at the Irish Conference on Homeopathy: “Dreams and Homeopathy.”

  • April 28-30, 06 Iselin, NJ, USA: 3 day lecture: “The Phobic Personality”

  • Jan 19-Feb 22, 06:India—teaching tour "Hanhemann's Advanced Methods" (14 different locations, Delhi, Calcutta, Madras, Pune, Jenshappur, Goa, Gujarat, Jaipur, etc.): teaching at Homeopathic Medical colleges and seminars for teachers, practitioners, and students.

  • Jan 13-14, 2006:Las Vegas, NV, USA: Three day seminar: “The Obstructed Personality.”

  • November 25-December 19, 05: Europe—Homeopathic Lecture tour in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Holland

  • July 17-21, 05: Albuquerque, NM, USA: 5 day seminar:
    " Beyond Jung: Neuroses, Dreams, and Delusions."

  • June 12-July 3, 05: China--lecture tour at Medical Universities: Ten lectures with "TCM and Homeopathy" at TCM of Shangai; TCM of Hangzhou; Medical School of Jingzhou; TCM of Wuhan

  • May 23-24, 05: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada:British School of Homeopathy: “Seven questions to Resolve management cases.”

  • March 3-March 31, 05: Sri Lanka, Thailand: Homeopaths without Borders- Helping Sri Lanka Tsunami survivors

  • February 26-27, 2005, Florida: Speaker of the Florida Association of Homeopaths: 18th yearly seminar: "Dreams and Homeopathy"

  • Feb 12-13, 2005: Boulder, CO, USA: Colorado School of Homeopathy:
    "Finding the simillimum through the core delusion"

  • 2004: Monthly homeopathy school seminars   in USA--Secaucus, NJ, Las Vegas, NV and Longmont, CO. Also: Oct 2-3: Boston; May 15-16: Toronto, Canada; Dec 17-18: Los Angeles

  • Jan 5-Feb 4, 2003: Kenya, Africa: 1 month Homeopathic lecture tour for nurses, MDs, TV and radio appearances and treatment of patients

  • June 21-24, 2003: Alonissos, Greece,: Lectures for Radar Software: "The value of patient symptoms "

  • March 2002, Colorado, USA: Institute of Classical Homeopathy, 3 day workshop: "Finding the Simillimum and Case Management"

  • Jan 4 till Feb 4, 2002: Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban,(South Africa): series of lectures on Homeopathy for the Homeopathic schools and Medical doctors

  • June 2, 00: MA, USA:: Caritas Norwood Hospital, CME Lecture for physicians: “Introduction to Homeopathy.”

  • Nov 13-14, 1999, Santa Monica, CA, USA: California Homeopathic Medical Society,. Full day seminar on “Unraveling the Simillimum.”

  • May 10, 1999, Brockton, MA, USA: Good Samaritan Medical Center, CME Lecture: “Integrating Homeopathy in Allopathy.”

  • May 7, 1999, Westford. MA, USA: . Massachusetts Coalition of Nurse Practitioners, Northeast Regional Nurse Practitioner conference, “Acute Homeopathic Prescribing in Pediatrics.”

  • February 11, 1999, Boston, MA, USA: Tuft Medical School--Lecture on Homeopathy to second year medical students. “The place of Homeopathy in Medicine.”

  • March 1998, Chicago, IL, USA: National Association of Pediatric Nurse Associates and Practitioners, “Homeopathy and Chronic Illness” and “Acute Homeopathic Prescribing in Pediatrics.”

  • March 27-30; San Diego, CA, USA: The National Center for Homeopathy, Annual Homeopathic Conference, “The Cutting edge of Homeopathic Medicine; “LM Potencies: the Jewel of the 6th Edition of the Organon.”

  • March 1998, Boston, MA, USA: Dana Farber Cancer Institute: Task force on Integrating Alternative modalities, “Role of Homeopathy in Cancer Treatment.”

  • 1998, Boston, MA, USA: Tuft Medical School, “Concept of Healing and Illness,“

  • May 1998, Tampa, FL, USA: American Holistic Nurses Association

  • 1995, Red Bank, NJ, USA: Optometric Association of New Jersey, one-day seminar

  • 1995, Morristown, NJ, USA: National Health Fair

  • 1995, Seattle, WA, USA: Institute of Acupuncture, Seattle, WA 1995

  • 1994, Las Vegas NV, USA: First Conference on World Traditional Medicine

  • 1994, Lakehurstm NJ, USA: American Society of Military Comptrollers

  • Nov. 1993, Australia: 12 speaking engagements

  • 1991, Las Angeles, CA, USA: National Health Education for Nurses

  • 1991, Australia: 25 speaking engagements

  • 1990, Oxnard, CA, USA: St. John’s Regional Medical Center

  • 1989, Westwood, CA, USA: Acupuncture College

  • 1989, Pasadena, CA, USA, Cancer Convention

  • 1989, Boston, MA, USA: Northeastern University

  • 1989, San Francisco, CA, USA: Acupuncture Association,

  • 1987, Los Angeles, CA, USA: UCLA School of Medicine, Department of Anesthesiology

  • 1987, Pasadena, CA, USA: Natural Health Convention

  • 1986, Santa Monica, CA, USA: Rheumatoid Disease Foundation