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Dr. Luc De Schepper's Experience, Advice, Wisdom and Tips for Parents on Using Classical Homeopathy for Recovering Their Special Needs Children. Copyright 2007.

Dear patients and parents,

Following are some informative lectures about homeopathy for the layperson and even the homeopath, and will be added to the website in the near future, so please check back. .As is the case in allopathic medicine, I think it is necessary for the families and patients who deal with homeopathy to at least understand how homeopathy is suppose to work, what to expect, how to be not only an active part of the process of giving information but also understanding what is going on once the treatment has started. In other words, I will try to empower the reader with sufficient homeopathic knowledge regarding the homeopathic philosophy and the management. This will allow the reader to:

  • Judge if he consults a competent homeopath, avoiding spending money where you should not
  • Understand the follow up of your case (or child's case) so you can communicate better with your homeopath
  • Understand what you need to provide information wise to help your homeopath come to the right conclusion about the case
  • Understand the interaction with allopathic drugs
  • See where the case goes wrong

Here are some of the topics that will be addressed in a common sense, easy to understand language.

  • The Laws of Similars and Dissimilars
  • The watery doses
  • The dose of the remedy (How much? Quantity?)
  • The potency of the remedy (Strength)
  • The repetition of the remedy (how often)\
  • How to judge the response after the first remedy dose
  • What if the picture is unchanged?
  • What if the picture is changed?
  • When you give info regarding the case to your homeopath, what is important and what is not?