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Homeopathy and Other Alternative Methods


It would be preposterous for the homeopath to think that his art and science would be the only modality that could achieve success. From old times on, one can regularly read about miraculous cures, be it through praying, meditating, etc. It is important though for the patient or parents of patients, to be able to find a modality that can support not only their homeopathic treatment but also makes sense to maybe add to the homeopathic treatment as to further and accelerate success. There is only one golden rule: do not start two different modalities at the same time! It is common sense for the patient to see how much one modality does and can do (and often it can be the only one necessary) before one would start another one. The patient should not be driven by impatience in choosing to add other modalities but hopefully he can find a practitioner who does not only have an open mind but also knowledge of other modalities. A usual, the doctor and the patient are one team in the car, the patient is the driver, the doctor is the guide, hopefully an enlighted one! In allopathy we make sometimes the mistake of starting two drugs at the same time and then we really don't know which one of the two "is suppressing" the symptoms the best, not to mention the side effects of both drugs. So impatience has no place in the selection of your modalities, but reasoned approach and understanding what an additionnal modality could do. I certainly don't claim I know all the modalities and I would only mention those I practiced myself or I am very familiar with. I won't mention chiropractic but I am all for it for many ailments as I have taken treatments myself. I even used to have colonic therapy in my office. Such treatment in the old times used to be the rule in allopathic hospitals but has disappeared now. The only "danger" I see in colonics is that patients get "lazy" on their diet and exercise because "they always can cleaned out" with the colonic. While impacted colons certainly need such intervention, one should never lose out of side the real causes behind constipation (often emotions!).

Because I specifically talk to ASD families, diet and lifestyle have really nothing to do with the origin of ASD. The rule is simple: if a diet factor was not the reason of the development of ASD, then a "special" diet will not be curing this condition. It must be said that most Americans could improve their diet obviously. We see a direct causation in the horrible numbers of juvenile diabetes to know that this is a current crisis which should be addressed seriously, starting with changing the eating habits in school and of course at home. Diet and lifestyle obviously cause many symptoms to appear in anyone, but (A77), in other words, they don't need medical or homeopathic intervention, just common sense. So don't inflict some "crazy" diet on your child: chances are that it will do nothing for his condition but only will add irritability and frustration to the whole family. There are diseases where people follow a special diet. Celiac disease is one of them, yet I have been able to cure a young girl from this affliction where she can now eat normally. Impossible, says allopathy, yet I have been lucky enough to do it. I am sure I could not do it with all cases.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
I am in a very good position to discuss this modality since it was my first love for many years and I did extensive studies first at the Dutch Docter's Acupuncture Association in Holland and then in Paris, France. I also did the official first State examination in 1982 in California. TCM has many Laws and Principles in common with homeopathy and certainly is indicated in many ailments, physical and emotional. But there are many cases where I can put my homeopathic hat on and feel it is easy to resolve the case, where TCM would have a hard time to find a solution. I especially talk about ASD, OCD, ADD and other serious psychological ailments, etc. I used to present such cases in the TCM schools (in CA and China) and ask them to resolve it through TCM. I knew in advance it was difficult for them, even impossible. But it was a great way of demonstrating TCM students and practitioners that there was another modality, homeopathy, that was more specific and fine tuned than TCM in many circumstances. The Chinese herbology, although it is mainly one main herb, and several supporting herbs, is too close to the allopathic practice to my taste. But again, in many physical ailments and sexual problems, TCM is very helpful. But homeopathy has more specific answers to all these problems. I like teaching the very practical facets of TCM to my advanced homeopathic students and they love it! It makes them understand the patient better and facilitates the finding of the simillimum! It is a different language to approach the patient. But again if I had to treat an autistic child, I would have a hard time promising improvement.

Again almost anyone could benefit from an array of anti-oxidants with the poverty of our soil and food. VitC, E, Co-enzym Q10, etc are some wonderful supporters of our immune system. But do they cure ASD after finding that your child has such shortage of this or that amino acid, or is overwhelmed by Mercury, Alumina, etc through findings in hair analysis? I have never seen it.

Other modalities
There is plenty of "promising" therapies out. Brain Integration Therapy is one of them. I think as with any other modality, first talk honestly to other patients who did such treatment and ask about the result. Don't ask the practitioner, ask patients. This is the same for any modality because the modality can be good and the practitioner is not! Do we need more remedies because we live now in such toxic environment? Many illnesses are caused by environmental toxicity but we must not forget that the hereditary make up (miasms) of our parents and forefathers play a more important role. These toxix factors are triggers but they have to find the right soil to be able to react! Why would not everyone be affected otherwise? Certainly the task of the homeopath has not become easier in modern times: more suppressive allopathic drugs, more pollution, unnatural food, antibiotics and hormones in our food sources, more stressful times, etc...But again, it is not the causality of ASD or OCD or ADHD...

Provoking the VF through daily repetition of dry doses is not always a safe approach. We must think that the patient is sensitive to his simillimum. It is safer to repeat the remedy in watery doses (A246) where repetition in a timely manner (determined by the individuality of the patient) is possible without any aggravation.

So dear parents and patients, there are many facets of many modalities that can improve the quality of your children and your own illnesses. But homeopathy in the first place, followed by TCM, can fix the roots of the problems, not just the weeds because they are based on truly Nature's Laws, the result of many years of observation. May you always educate yourself more and if standing on your head makes you feel better, I am all for it. Positive thoughts and humor especially are two healing methods I never would like to be without!

Much love to all
Dr Luc