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LECTURE THREE FOR THE PUBLIC: The Potency of the Remedy (How Strong?) and the Repetition of the Dose (How often?)


Part One: The Potency Selection (how strong?), the greatest confusion among homeopaths
When it comes to potency selection of the remedy, the homeopathic society never agreed much about this issue, not in the past and certainly not now! There always has been a division between two camps: the high and low potency prescribers. Both parties indeed can demonstrate success but there has to be some kind of middle path, a clear guideline for homeopath and patient alike to bring harmony in this world of madness. I intend to bring enough clarity to unite homeopaths and at the same time to give enough clarity to the patient who deserves the right information, not based on passion and dogmatism, but on logical reasoning, not cookbook prescribing (protocols) but again based on the individuality of the patient. I want to remind the reader again, that the simillimum is the right remedy, the right potency, the right dose repeated at individually chosen intervals, not mechanical repetition. I already discussed the question of dose in Lesson 2, and this lesson will give the reader enough info to bring clarity in the treatment of his loved ones and himself.

Treatment for Acute diseases
The potency choice for acute diseases (less than 3-4 months old) is simple: use at least a potency from 30C upwards to 200C and 1,000C. Always use the watery method by putting two pellets of your chosen remedy and potency in an 8 oz bottle (Remedy Solution Bottle or RSB), stir well and take one tsp directly from the RSB. Do not repeat earlier than two hours after first dose. When you see a similar aggravation in the first hour (in other words an aggravation of your symptoms during the first hour) this first dose will cure and no further dose will be needed (A157-A158). If symptoms are not entirely gone after two hours, you can repeat the same procedure every two hours after succussing each successive dose (hitting RSB against your palm) 8 times.

Note: We are talking here about the 1001 acute daily diseases that can occur from colds, to lower back pains, to ear infections, etc. We are not talking here about URGENT medical care (requires ER visit) like suicidal tendencies, coma, head trauma with bleeding, seizures, heart attack, etc.

Chronic Disease treatment
The treatment of chronic diseases (>than 3-4 months existing) is very different. The potency selection (how strong?) will depend on the reactivity of the patient (the reactivity of the Vital Force, Qi in Chinese medicine and to some extent the immune system in allopathy). If the reactivity is good, a stronger potency can be applied. Here are some general guidelines.

ALWAYS Low potencies (starting with 6C and not higher than 30C) are indicated and a must in the following conditions (these three conditions supersede any other indications following further!):

  • The patient is a hypersensitive patient: such patient reacts to perfumes, environmental factors like carpets, bleach, newspaper, etc.) or people who react strongly to regular doses of medication and vitamins as well as those that reacted strongly to anesthesia
  • The patient has strong pathology: this usually means, he already has received a medical diagnosis and there is extensive pathology involved like destruction of tissues (Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson,etc.) , formation of tumors, deficiency of factors like in diabetes, hyperthyroidy or Basedow disease, autoimmune disorders with destruction, asthma, etc. Also in chronic diseases affecting the heart, brain, eyes, pancreas, lungs
  • The patient has a chronic skin disease, especially when treated in past with cortisone: chronic eczema from young age on and psoriasis, just to name two common diseases. Often the symptoms were controlled by cortisone intake/creams and in this case the dose should be minimal (drops instead of tsp) and definitely not higher than 6C potency to start
  • Elderly patients: rather start with low potency

Higher Potencies (starting with 30C, then 200C, 1000C, etc.) are indicated in the following conditions:

  • In young children (babies included) as long as the three previous conditions are not present; the choice of high potency includes ASD, ADHD, ADD, OCD, etc.
  • Adults with functional diseases (no pathology has been shown) like vertigo, gastrointestinal problems, hypertension with no pathology yet, inflammatory processes like Bell’s palsy, etc. or adults with only mental/emotional problems such as depression, grief, lack of self confidence, lack of motivation in life, timidity, loss of meaning of life, etc.
  • Patients under stress (worries at work, home, in relationships, etc.)

Part Two: the repetition of the Dose (How often), in chronic diseases

The most important thing to remember is that the repetition of a dose is determined on an individual basis. This is quite different than when we take allopathic drugs where your physician tells you to take the drug at a certain time (3 times a day, every evening, etc.), usually based on weight and age of patient.

The good homeopath will always let you do a test dose with the watery solutions. This works as follows:

“The homeopath (who tried to adjust potency and dose individually at the first consultation) tells you to take the first dose in the evening (most of the time) and should ask you the third day how you reacted to this first dose. There are three possibilities:

  • Great reaction with better sleep, better emotional feeling, a sense of well being, more positive outlook, etc (A256), even remembering dreams and dreams with a better theme. At this point do not repeat and see how long this dose gives you these good feelings/reactions. Let’s say it last for 2 days and the third day your original symptoms come back, then you need to take the dose changed only by the amount of succussions, every third day!
  • Bad reaction with an aggravation of your existing symptoms: this is called a similar aggravation: no repetition of the remedy!! You must wait till this aggravation goes away (usually fast after 1-2 days without any harm), then you get the benefit from it and only when then the original symptoms come back should the remedy be repeated, this time in a smaller dose and/or potency, to be determined by your homeopath!
  • No reaction: the homeopath can now decide to either adjust dose/potency or simply with the watery dose method to take the dose every other evening and check back with him the tenth day to see if the patient is on track!


  • This method is only possible with the 5th and 6th edition watery methods, not the 4th dry edition Organon method.
  • Never take your dose from the bottle in a mechanical way: do not trust the homeopath that gives you a bottle with the remedy and tells you to take it every day and to come back to him when the bottle is finished. Much damage can be done! A test dose and further guidance is a must!
  • NEVER stop your allopathic medication when starting homeopathic treatment with your chronic patient. Cooperation with your allopathic physician is a must!