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Homeopathy from Your Garden: Common Useful Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are enjoying a resurgence of popularity now, since they are nontoxic (totally safe for babies and children), inexpensive and highly effective. What many people don’t realize is that the little white pellets in the remedy tubes are often made from herbs. In fact some of the most popular remedies originally come from some of our most common garden flowers. (Making the remedies is such a tedious process that you wouldn’t want to try it at home, however!) Directions for taking the remedies are given in the article Homeopathy Basics.

Calendula (Marigold)
The Garden Marigold is one of the most popular homeopathic remedies. It is the best wound antiseptic available and is used externally and internally. Its main use is for the healing of cuts, open wounds and surgical incisions. (Never use Arnica cream on open wounds, only use Calendula cream!) Calendula can be given pre-operatively as a preventative for infection and to promote speedy healing. Give before any operation. It will never interfere with any medication or anesthesia. It is also indicated for extensive dental work involving cutting of the gums: it relieves pain and stops the bleeding. Another indication is for postpartum bleeding (from a tear). Calendula is the number one remedy for postoperative healing.

Ledum (Rosemary)
It’s hard to imagine that a little flower like the wild rosemary or Ledum can be of such help in daily life. This remedy should be in every household’s first aid kit for summer to combat the effects of insect bites. Nothing works better for insect, flea or mosquito bites, and the bites of certain reptiles. It is also used for wounds caused by thorns, nails, chisels or any sharp object. Ledum has a specific action on hematomas (bleeding under the skin) after traumas. It works deeper than Arnica and will finish what Arnica has started. If you receive a blow to the eye that causes bleeding, Ledum is great to use before seeing the optometrist. It is the number one remedy for bed sores or decubitus seen so often in hospitals when, because of illness, the patient does not have the strength to turn over in bed. If you ever have a hangover caused by overindulging in hard liquor, Ledum will come to your rescue. (Nux vomica is your remedy for hangovers from beer.)

Bellis Perennis (Daisy)
The common daisy is a wonderful homeopathic remedy. It’s called the “gardener’s remedy” since it helps alleviate stiffness and that bruised feeling from overwork in the garden. For my fellow tennis players, it is a great remedy for tennis elbow, if Ruta fails to act. (Ruta grav., or rue, should be your first choice.) It also has been used to treat boils and breast tumors occurring after traumas.

But above all, it is the childbirth remedy! Its greatest indication is to bring back the tonus of the uterus and alleviate the trauma to the cervix and birth canal after childbirth. A dose should be taken routinely after each childbirth and repeated as needed.

Chamomilla (Chamomile)
Everyone should know that chamomile tea is the remedy of choice for irritable, teething children. But did you know that giving the child too much of the tea can actually cause an aggravation (intensification of the symptoms)? A more effective and safer remedy is the homeopathic Chamomilla. It is a major pain reliever for teething babies who are easily angered and want to be carried around; for menstrual cramps in which the pains are intolerable; and for painful labor spasms during delivery.

If you want to stop drinking coffee or other caffeine drinks, there is no better remedy to assist you in coping with the withdrawal symptoms. Chamomilla is used for right-sided ear infections and watery, offensive diarrhea in children, especially during teething. It is also a great remedy for babies with colic.

Arnica (Mountain Daisy)
There is probably no homeopathic remedy more popular than Arnica. For one thing, it is called the sports remedy, since it is indicated in any kind of trauma. Characteristics for Arnica are a sore, bruised feeling, the feeling that the bed is too hard and feeling worse from the slightest touch. Be wary when people tell you after a serious injury, “I am fine, I don’t feel anything.” Because of the release of endorphins from the shock, they really do not feel anything. But Arnica is badly needed in this case.
Other great indications of the need for Arnica are overlifting (when moving, for instance), overworking, overuse of the voice (hoarseness in singers and speakers), or any circumstances with muscular strain. It should be the first remedy given in the case of stroke and head trauma, as it immediately absorbs the blood! Arnica is also a great flu and grief remedy. Who can afford not to have this wonderful remedy on a trip or at home?

The best recommendation is to consult a homeopath to help you in your healing!