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Unsolicited letters from around the world

“Your book Achieving the simillimum has become my bible! I still think I am so lucky to have met you in Sri Lanka. I can understand your frustration…how I studied for five years in my school and came out with so little understanding of homeopathy is scary! Thanks for making it clear!”

Dr. Ivy D., Homeopath, South Africa


“My homeopathic practice has literally exploded and I am buried with first time consultation appointments, thanks mostly to the great influence and turning point impressed upon my prescriptions according to the fifth Organon edition by that sulphuric Dr Luc!”

Maurizio P, M.D., Rome, Italy


“I just returned from vacation where I devoured your two books, “Hahnemann Revisited” and “Achieving the Simillimum.” The quality I found in your books, I have not encountered since a long time. I practice homeopathy already for 28 years and now I realize what was lacking in my prescriptions. From tomorrow on, I will change this. I was such 4th edition prescriber and I was not happy with this. I am very grateful for the insight that you have provided through your books and teachings.”

Hubert K., M.D., President WVTS, homeopathic school, Belgium


“Respected Sir, For first time in Gujarat (India), you visited to C.N.Kothari Homoeopathic Medical College & Research Centre at Vyara (Surat), for teaching classical Hahnemannian Homoeopathy to delegates of one day workshop….I learned that your clear explanation of Organon will be helpful in Homoeopathic practice to Internee as well as students who are encouraged by gentle and humble personality like you. Behalf of C.N.Kothari Homoeopathic Medical College and management I convey thanks for your compassionate approach to sufferers and for your efforts to spread homoeopathy all over. I am eagerly awaiting for your next visit to India.”

Dr. Anand S. P., Principal C.N.K.H.M.C.& R.C, India


“I want you to know that I have your book, “Achieving the Simillimum” and that it is wonderful! You have taken the time to share your years of experience and labors reading the old works and bringing them alive for us in 2004. THANK YOU!! It will be a continued reference material for many years.”

Laurie M., Homeopath, Queensland, Australia.


“I cannot recommend “Hahnemann Revisited” highly enough and look forward to showing it to students and practicing homeopaths. Not only is it informative but the information is communicated in such a clear and interesting way-with fluent ease which comes from years of practice, teaching and deep knowledge and devotion to classical homeopathy. I have not put the book down since I bought it. It is excellent and every student of classical homeopathy should have it as essential reading as well as practitioners who need to remind themselves of the principles of classical homeopathy.”

Geraldine P., Homeopath, Ireland

“Respected Dr Luc Hope this finds you in best of health and spirits. We still cherish the moments and precious time, you spent with us during your visit to Jamshedpur, the Steel City. You have mesmerised everyone by your down to earth attitude, simplicity, genuineness and extensive knowledge. We are gratefully thankful to you for your acceptance of our small fraternity as your listener and disciples, for your valuable speech and visit to this small but beautiful town…I have sent photographs of seminar and one CD containing photographs of the seminar. Your photographs and seminar are most valuable asset of our institution, which is imparting teaching of classical homoeopathy and we have kept them close to our heart and have displayed them with great proud in our college's most valuable display board. Sir, God willing this should be your first visit amonst many more to come.”

Dr Kulwant S., Principal: S H Medical College and Hospital, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. Dean: Faculty of Homoeopathy, Vinoba Bhave Uiversity, Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, India

I was looking at your new books, The Periodic Table” and “Achieving the Simillimum.” My comment? Congratulations!!! You are the first to put in print what should be said about unproven remedies in the Periodic Table. Tour other book simply blew me away. I have been a lecturer for many years and what you have pout into print has done nothing less in my mind than re-ignite the Hahnemanian way. Again a well deserved congratulations!

Rod C., Homeopath, Australia

“I am a dentist from Hong Kong and your unseen student. I have read your book, Hahnemann Revisited and I am deeply impressed. I am using homeopathy in my dental practice.”

Samuel C, DDS, Hong Kong

“I am very pleased that you wrote another new book (Achieving the Simillimum.” I am a third years’ student in the academy in Hilversum, and I love his book “Hahnemann Revisited.”

Joke B, Holland


“Your book Hahnemann Revisited is very refreshing in contrast to the Kentian and Vithoulkian view of homeopathy. It is the only book (besides the Organon) I have, that accentuated the importance of miasms in prescribing and the only one who could explain Hahnemaniann homeopathy simple and true to Hahnemann’s own content.”

Orjan R. Norway

“I Have worked as a medical doctor in South Korea since 1996, and then, came abroad to USA & UK, to study Homeopathy, which I was enchanted with in 2003. So, I have studied the endeavorous art for two years. But, recently, after reading two of your books,'Hahnemann Revisited' and '”Achieving and Maintaining the Simillimum',
I found that I've learned and practiced something wrong and distorted! And the
results have been miserable, except very few cases. Your interpretation of the passages in Homeopathy is very reasonable and understandable to me. So I recently made a decision to study with you and want to start again from the basic theory to get a self confidence which shaked vigorously until now….I want to practice Homeopathy with an allopathic doctor for a while and after then, with positive results and evidence, hope to study with my medical colleagues in South Korea, and to propagate Homeopathy, especially Classical Homeopathy as you have done. There is no classical Homeopath in my homeland as I know….”

Cheonggon K. London