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“I have been using what I learned from you with increasing success, and enjoying myself more. So are my patients who are feeling better. Thanks very much for all your help.”

Cathie L., MD, California

“I just want to tell you how incredible the results are from the split method. My old patients are reporting faster healing with no aggravations. They like the “new” way I am practicing. I really feel I am helping them live better and that makes me happy. Thank you for being such a genius and mentor in my life.”

Gina S., C.Hom, California

“You are a brilliant homeopath, with a kind and humble heart, lacking in the arrogance that is sadly but commonly found in many homeopaths. Your books and lectures provide an incredible service not only to students like me but to all those that homeopathy touches in its gentle yet profound matter. I am very grateful for this.”

Lilly T., ND, C.Hom, Hawaii

“I wanted to tell you once again how much I appreciate your inspiring teaching and your incredible generosity with your valuable time. I only wish we'd had another 3 days, especially on the correlations between TCM and homeopathy. That gives us almost a magic key to not only finding the correct Rx, but also verifying a Rx we've already chosen. I personally hope that you NEVER stop teaching. With your unique ability to tie together Western medicine, TCM, and true Hahnemannian homeopathy, your teaching is an incredible resource for those who seek a better way to treat suffering humanity. In the hope that it will sustain you when the dark, weary hours come, I'll pass on one of my favorite quotations: "A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops." [Henry Brooks Adams]”

AL S., C.N.M.T., C.Hom, Texas

“It was a special time for us to host you here in Los Angeles at our school. All our students just loved you! You are such an inspiration! I wish many more people could see you and be ignited with the love for homeopathy as we have been.”

Svetlana S., California

“I wanted to thank you for making me a better homeopath. My business has been taking off recently and I owe much of it to you. Your training has given me confidence and the ability to know when to look for a second prescription. Your case management instruction has stuck with me and enabled me to better care for my patients, most of whom are feeling better and sending their friends!”

Barb F., C.Hom, Colorado

“Dr. Luc—you are one of the best teachers I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. You have taken a very difficult type of healing modality and made it much easier to understand and absorb. You bring such fervor and energy to homeopathy that you cannot help but be convinced that it will work for YOU. You have changed me from a dry pellet prescriber to a split dose prescriber. That ALONE has changed my success rate in my homeopathic animal cases!

Monica L, DVM, California

"I can't wait to learn more from you Dr Luc in ABQ! When leaving your seminars, I feel inspired by the power of Homeopathy and become more optimistic about what it can do!"

Julia R, C.Hom, Boston, MA

“… I love your clarity of instruction (unsurpassed). I have likened it to someone--Dr Luc--adjusting the lens of a camera, bringing the picture to sharp focus…”
i“I just wanted you to drop a line to thank you again for a wonderful teaching experience with you. It is very inspiring to be in the presence of a truly dedicated, caring and intelligent teacher. You make the information exciting and inspire greatness in al of us. I have not felt this way about a class for a long time. Thank you!

Velinda B., ND., CHT, Nevada

“I have learned more about case management remedy selection, dosage and use of miasmatic concepts in one year with you, Dr Luc, than I did in my previous four year homeopathic school. Your teachings of the 5th and 6th edition of the Organon have made me a better practitioner AND I know my clients appreciate the much gentler actions of using the split dose water methods. I look forward to the next three years studying in the Advanced Program and I look forward to your devoted, insightful, dedicated, selfless, and sincere approach to homeopathy. Dr. Luc—you will leave a legacy of healing that will benefit generations."

Jon B., MS, CT, PHP, Georgia

“Dr Luc, indeed you are an unparalleled role model, a beacon of light, a man and a teacher we can only hope to emulate, a source of infinite inspiration to all of your students. You have touched countless people in your productive life. As your students we are appreciative of your generosity and your willingness to share your massive knowledge. Through your work, your students and your books, your contribution to homeopathy worldwide will become renowned as the great healers before you.”

Seta S, C.Hom, New Jersey

"How refreshing to find such a passionate and generous teacher, mentor and healer that has such strong convictions to “true” Homeopathy, and in guiding your students on the right path. I admire that you personally continue to teach your more serious students, to assist them in reaching their maximum potential as a Homeopath--especially in this day and age of people teaching through moderators and videotaped lectures."

Lorry F., C Hom, PT, MBA, CYI, Nevada

“Dr. Luc, it is because of your knowledge of many "languages" that you can feel confident in using them to solve so many health challenges. Many health care practitoners are not versed in so many different philosophies, they therefore feel threatened and become defensive. You can see answers from a multi-faceted perspective and use the best of all. Thank you for your dedication to teaching and helping us to understand.”

Deb J., Pharmacist, New Jersey

“Thank you for your support. I owe everything to you and your teachings, enthusiasm and love for homeopathy and your students. I am so happy to have studied with you. You are the best!

Janis M., RN, C.Hom, Massachusetts

What a great class in Baltimore! I used the Von Boenninghausen method for my first patient with back pain—I found it easy to do. Always remember you were blessed with a great mind and you exercise it well. Not everyone has that ability.”

LJ R., Audiologist, Maryland

“I just though you should know that I learned more about homeopathy in 2 days than I learned in the last three years! I just received “Hahnemann Revisited” and it is difficult to put it down. Your scope of knowledge, and your warm wisdom, combined with your incredible personal teaching style have me believing that I am on the right track for the first time in a long while.”

Rik S., C Hom, Texas

“My biggest question when I started your classes was, “Am I going to be in over my head?” never being in the medical field much less familiar with its terms. You kept me under your wing and allowed me to soar all through your simple yet eloquent, familiar yet passionate, comfortable yet stimulating writings and teachings. I will never forget leaving my first class with you, telling myself, “I finally found the world I belong in!” YOU are a great teacher and your passion and love for homeopathy is what has unified us all students. You quote Mother Theresa, “From the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. If your heart is full of love, you will speak of love” That is exactly how you write and teach! You are a true healer-thank you for passing your “simple” yet abundant ways to us!”

Rachele A., C.Hom, New Jersey

“This homeopathic class has changed my life. The knowledge even in this first class is tremendous. I look forward to the future classes of the advanced program and more books you are writing.”

Ashley B., C.Hom. California

“We have been and always will be grateful for all that you have taught us and continue to teach us in homeopathy. These years (almost 5) have been amazing and full of learning. We had taken classes years ago here and there with other teachers, but no one comes even close to your preciseness in teaching and in your genuineness in really caring about your students.”

Rashmi and Arti, C.Hom, New Jersey

“The first book about Homeopathy that I read was the 6th edition of The Organon, Hahnemann’s “bible” on homeopathy. After reading The Organon, I looked around in amazement wondering, “why isn’t anybody following or teaching this – why isn’t anybody practicing this way?” Nobody could give me a good answer. I have studied under many teachers of homeopathy, finding the same scenario; i.e., conflicting opinions, aggravations, no philosophy, no method and no good results. Some would say high potency; some would say low, there was no consistency and no specific teachings to back up their methods. Where did they come up with these ideas? Then I met you, Dr. Luc. Finally an answer; finally a method!! How blessed to have a method, a road map to follow, consistency, and it comes right out of The Organon, and most importantly, it works! The results are transformational!”

John M., C.Hom, Arizona

“I enjoyed the past weekend seminar in Colorado! Although it will take me a while to assimilate all the information, I hope to incorporate your new insights into my homeopathic practice. Your knowledge of the remedies is amazing. You talk fast with that megabrain of yours! Thank you for a stimulating weekend!”

Dr Bill T. Colorado

"You are a fabulous gifted teacher that I have leaned so much from…even more than the subject of homeopathy…I have learned life lessons and I can’t thank you enough for sharing the wisdom.”

Marguerite N., C.Hom, New Jersey

“I can’t thank you enough for coming to our school in Colorado! I feel privileged to have had you here. You are the most wonderful teacher, and the light from your heart truly touches everyone! I loved all of the vast information that you always share and could clearly see some of my own delusions and laugh about them! I love how your teaching is not just textbook information, but it somehow touches a deeper part of our humanity.”

Kelli B., C.Hom, Colorado

“What a pleasure to meet you in person. I must tell you that the directness of your manner and the ease which you are able to help me as a student discovering rubrics and the simillimum is amazing. After years of previous study the clear simillimum always eluded me. Thank you for your care and commitment.”

Lisa L., C Hom, Utah

“These past two years of classes have been a tremendous experience and a personal growth for me. As a result I have been able to help myself, my family and my friends. I feel very privileged to have been one of your students and will carry your words of wisdom with me always…everyone who knows me, knows you too, for I have spread your philosophy, teachings and methods to those around me.”

Michele B., C.Hom, New Jersey

“Thank you for coming to Boston! I really enjoyed your lecture. I hope you know what a gifted, talented teacher and mentor you have been to me. I am grateful for the gift of homeopathy and the genius of Hahnemann.”

Kathleen O., C.Hom, Massachusetts