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 Dr. Luc De Schepper’s
 Renaissance Institute of Classical Homeopathy
 for Training in Hahnemann’s Advanced Methods and Management

Dr Luc De Schepper, of The Renaissance Institute of Classical Homeopathy (R.I.C.H.) has personally been providing foundational to advanced homeopathic training through formal training programs and seminars since 1996. The schools in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Nevada, Colorado and worldwide have been providing training in homeopathy to countless numbers of health care professionals, and people from all walks of life and professions that have the strong desire to learn homeopathy to treat clients, themselves and family.

Dr Luc De Schepper is the only active Master Homeopath to exclusively teach Hahnemann’s Advanced Methods from the 5th and 6th edition of the Organon with water dosing, and not dry dosing which the majority of Homeopaths still use today.

Study with Dr Luc - Advanced E-Learning Courses
See website or contact Rene Otter at

  • Advanced Case Analysis:  This is a magnificent course which will bring you to a new level of understanding case analysis. Most people will know how to take a case superficially, but Luc will teach you how you really can understand and analyze the case systematically, consistently and deeply according to “9 Case Analysis Steps”. See full course description Price only 85€ / 110US$.
  • Advanced Posology: A magnificent course which will help you to greatly increase your results in practice. Worldwide, many cases do not succeed in practice because homeopaths are only familiar with Kent’s dosing (30, 30, 200, 200, M, M, etc.), the “wait and watch” method, and know very little about the correct use ... See full course description Price only 85€ / 110US$.
  • Autism - Challenged Children: The emotions of the mother can be and are often transferred to the unborn child. Obtaining the information about the period of the pregnancy provides a great clue as to find the simillimum for ‘Special Needs Children’, children with autism or developmental problems. At the same time, often .... See full course description Price only 45€ / 58US$
  • Live Cases Supervision:  This course consists of three live recorded cases. This course will allow you so sit in with one of our most respected teachers from North America and follow the whole process of case taking and case analysis. A magnificent opportunity to build up experience to become a confident prescriber ... This course will be available soon. Price only 45€ / 58US$

For Dr Luc’s teaching schedule: see calendar

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What are the Advanced Methods and why should I learn them?
The Advanced Methods of the 5th and 6th edition of the Organon are artistic methods that must be individualized to the patient, with no preconceived schedules or protocols. The homeopath needs to remain flexible and alert, as the daily dose may be correct in one case, while a dose a week or a month is sufficient for other cases. Just as the totality of the individual is important to each case, so is the individuality of remedy management of utmost importance to bringing a patient to cure.

As Hahnemann evolved in his methodology in the 5th and 6th edition of the Organon with putting the remedies in water (C and LM potency), he found it to be gentler for the patient, and could almost entirely avoid the homeopathic aggravations for the patient associated with the 4th edition method of prescribing. He also found that liquid solutions had a stronger effect on the vital force (or chi) of the patient (this is the life force that is individual to each person, and this vital force works relentlessly to protect against negative influences/triggers that can cause dis-ease in the mind and body). Not only that, he discovered that the process of cure was speeded up so that it only took one-quarter or one-third as long.

Although Hahnemann’s personal practice grew immensely beyond the stage of the 4th edition Organon, homeopathy as a whole did not. Most practitioners today are still practicing by the rules laid down in 1828-1829. This is more than strange, as the next 14 years of Hahnemann's career were the most productive of his life, and in these years Hahnemann developed the Advanced Methods, as he was constantly searching for a way to improve in his methods.

Why look at The Renaissance Institute for your homeopathic education?

  • The Renaissance Institute is one of the few schools in the world dedicated to teaching the most highly evolved form of homeopathy, the one which Hahnemann himself (the founder of Homeopathy) said would supercede all of his previous work—The Advanced Methods.


  • The Renaissance Institute demonstrates to students the connections between homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), based on Dr. Luc's work as an Acupuncturist.
  • The Renaissance Institute presents a practical comparison with the effectiveness of Homeopathy and traditional Western Medical practices. Dr Luc brings over 30 years of practice and expertise, treating over 200,000 patients worldwide.
  • Look at Dr Luc’s countless R.I.C.H. testimonials, and patient testimonials and see why others have chosen to train under the tutelage of Dr Luc De Schepper!