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Patient Testimonials
Unsolicited patient testimonials taken from the thousands of letters Dr. Luc has received through the years

"Please accept my eternal gratitude for helping my beautiful daughter. I felt so helpless and panicky when she suffered so much. Now she walks like a normal teenager. My heart leaps with joy and many times tears flow down my cheeks, tears of joy for the life that is being given back to us."

T.S., Ohio

“Thank you for turning my life around. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all the professional care you have given to me and my family, so very much. I had been sick for years and without your help I would not be as well as I am now. You have added a very special dimension to my life through knowing you and the beauty of your giving, generous caring spirit. Thank you for making this world a better, happier, healthier and more loving place.”

Terisa, Los Angeles, CA

“You must know how sad I am that you are leaving as many of your patients are. I had to write you and let you know. A few years ago I remember waking up and feeling very, very tired. I remember that after one week on the first remedy, I was dancing, laughing and becoming more like my old self. This to me was a miracle. I could not believe it. I am very fortunate and grateful to have known you. I thank you for your loving care and for your very down to earth, no nonsense approach to medicine. In life you don’t always meet many doctors who are always there for you no matter what. You are a genuinely caring person and one gets the sense that you are willing to go the extra mile.”

Lisa, New Jersey

"Thank you for all the kindness you showed in my desperate journey with my precious wife. I will always remember you."

D.H., California

“I want to wish you all the best in your writing and teaching. I have been blessed to have you as my doctor and friend. If I did not meet you I would have never known the meaning of feeling healthy and joyful. You have given me life. You are a gift, a precious one, to myself and to so many others.”

Ellen, WA

“To a doctor I’ll never forget. You gave me hope through the times I never thought possible. Thank you for your healing support and overall giving your time and energy to create miracles. You are truly the best!”

Danielle, San Diego, California

“Thank you so much for freeing me of the bondage of yeast after 10 years of suffering, you were the miracle I hoped for. Also I thank you for your generous, caring, compassionate understanding and self-giving of yourself. “

Roberta, California

“Words cannot express the gratitude that we have for you. With your compassionate yet profoundly scientific and loving care, you have helped us to restore our health and well being. We feel truly blessed to have had the wonderful two years of your gentle intervention and kindness. “

Susan, New Jersey

“Just a note to thank you for all of your medical expertise and encouragement when all other doctors had given up on my case. Without your help it would have been impossible for me to ever finish graduate school or lead a normal life. I will miss you very much.”

Diana, San Diego, California

“I wanted to say thank you and I feel very fortunate to have found you. Dr Luc you not only gave medicine and advice but you always gave love. Not only does my body feels better after seeing you, but our spirits do too.”

Robin, Los Angeles, CA

“My dear Dr Luc, This is just to fill you in on how our daughter is doing. Her health is still excellent! All leg pain and exhaustion are gone. Every time I watch her sing and dance, I think of you Dr Luc. Thank you so much for changing her life! Thank you for all the joy you have given the entire family!”

Pat, Los Angeles, CA

“Guess what! This will be the first year anniversary I first began to get well. And here I am, able to travel happily through Europe. I am having so much fun. Thanks Dr Luc for working with me.”

Lisa, Los Angeles, CA

“As you can imagine, I was quite devastated when learning you were going to leave. I want to thank you for all you have done for me. I have passed much info onto others in hope to enlighten them on your philosophies of homeopathy. As you know, this is the best health I have been in years. I would not have been living a normal life style if it was not for you.”

Jeanne, San Diego, California

“Knowing you and having learned from you has been such a gift. So please accept our heartfelt gratitude for everything. You will always have a place in our hearts Dr Luc.”

Katie, New Jersey

Thank you for saving my marriage and making life worth living again!”

Agnetha, Australia

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking such good care of me when I was so sick. Your caring and concern meant so much to me and helped me through some of the darkest days….Knowing there was help, and most of all love because I do believe that love is the true healer.”

Ellen, Los Angeles, CA

“I enjoyed our meeting last week. You are articulate, intelligent and sincere. The name of Dr Luc De Schepper should become a name revered in every household (as is Dr Spock).”

Roy, Florida

“Thank you so much for all your help and kindness in the years I have known you. It has meant a great deal and made an important difference in my life. You have been such a good friend and doctor and always took the time to answer my questions. No one could have ever asked for a better doctor and I appreciate you and all you have done for me very much.”

Nicole, San Diego, California

“Many thanks for all the help you have given my family. Your belief and your understanding in homeopathy, together with your great compassion and love extended to your patients have combined to make you a true healer. And an angel!”

Bettey, New Jersey

“I want to thank you again for all your help with my health and also showing me a way besides surgery and allopathic medicines. I thank God for leading me to your books and you. My body has changed a lot since I have been treated by you and your homeopathic medicines.”

Stephanie, San Diego, California

“I cannot begin to thank you for your medical assistance and expertise and genuine caring over the years but mostly for your kindness and heartfelt compassion and genuine caring for my well being. Your willingness to treat my daughter in my last year with me is a true testament to your uniqueness in the healing profession.”

Yvonne, New Jersey

“Thank you so much for kindly advising and treating me through the struggle for better health. I feel certain that I will be able to gain a healthier lifestyle while previously I felt that every day was simply bringing closer the curtains of immobility and death.”

Khrisna, Los Angeles, CA

“We need some more Nat-m for our grief of losing you--we miss you already but respect and admire your work and your willingness to inform other sufferers. Our dog feels better too!”

Emily, San Diego, California

“We want to thank you with all our hearts for all the help and support that you have given us over the years. You are very special to us!! We wish that you are always surrounded by love and light wherever you may go! Thanks for being you.”

Jean, New Jersey

“You are not only a fine and talented doctor but a good and caring and supportive person and I thank you for that!”

Mimi, Los Angeles, CA

“You have given my life a new direction and see lots of hope for future generations with someone like you to model after. “

Lourdes, San Diego, California

“Beloved of our hearts! With mixed emotions we send this card. It has been a blessing to know you and love you. You helped us through many changes and we could not have done it without you. How can we ever thank you for the good health we now possess and the knowledge to help ourselves. Please be assured of our deep love for you.”

Anne, New Jersey

“Dear Dr Luc, How can I thank you for what you have done. If it weren’t for your treatments, I would not have at least gotten the pleasure of training for the last 6 months. I thank God for your knowledge and for allowing me to find you. Thanks for sticking with me.”

Wendy, Los Angeles, CA

“I only came to you 2 months ago, on the tail end of your magnificent comet! In this time so much has changed. You have no idea how profoundly you have helped me realize my potential. How can I possible thank you? People are in awe of you. Every health food store and homeopathic drug store I have been in people sing your praises. I felt so honored to be treated by you and I have so much respect for you.”

Mary Ann, San Diego, California

“I wanted to tell you that I have learned so much from your teachings and experiences. For me you are a mentor; your intelligence, caring, patience and clarity with gentleness are so valuable.”

Sat, New Jersey

“No words can express how much I feel in my heart for you. You have been so understanding through the years and have been so patient with all my chronic fatigue problems and all the ups and downs in my life. You have always displayed an intense commitment to your patients and great compassion. You have been a dear friend and I will never forget all you have done for me.”

Ellen, San Diego, California

“Kathy wanted to share her love of art with you as a token of her gratitude. You have made such a wonderful impact on our family-your medical philosophy AND your kindness.”

Susan, New Jersey

“Dear Dr Luc, I want to thank you for your help and support. You don’t need any luck, so I’ll wish you much happiness instead. I think what you do for so many people is wonderful.”

Gail, Los Angeles, CA

“I am indebted to you for helping me to find my healing path. Together, we have brought me to what feels the closest health I have had in many years, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It has been my privilege to experience your warmth, compassion and great insight.”

Paula, San Diego, California

“It is difficult to believe that 2 ½ years have passed since you came into our hearts. It is equally difficult to believe that you are leaving. Your presence has been a gift to our family, to your patients and to the community. You have introduced many people to the benefits of homeopathy and you have heightened awareness of alternative health care. You have turned us into believers, All this was accomplished with your intelligence, kindness and heart.” It has been said that a man’s greatest triumph is to live, to love, to learn and to leave a legacy. You certainly are doing each of these.”

Frances, New Jersey

“Dear Dr Luc, I am most grateful for your support in helping me find my way back to “good health.” And you’re more than generous kindness and extra thoughtfulness. You care, you are a wonderful genuine caring man and I am so thankful for all your efforts, time and attention you have allowed me.”

Lyndelle, Los Angeles, CA

“It is with mixed feelings I write you. I am very happy that you have the opportunity to teach but I will miss you, as I know all of us will. You care has helped me enormously! I am a believer of homeopathy! Thank you for your care and compassion!

Kathy, San Diego, California

“There have been times when you called and you sounded so tired and I apologize for my craziness. And I can’t explain how thankful I am for you! My life has changed so much and it still is. I will never forget how important our first meeting was. You are a remarkable person Dr Luc, you are truly a gift and I wish you the brightest and happiest future.”

Karen, New Jersey

“I just wanted to say thank you as I am always very grateful for your kindness. Thank you for your openness and the effort you make to make us (patients) feel we DO matter. It is greatly appreciated and so are YOU!”

Lynnette, Los Angeles, CA

“I just wanted to thank you for all you have done for me and my family. You have helped us more than you ever will know. I had searched for years for treatment for my ailments. It was such a relief to have met you. You have been such a blessing in my life!

Kathleen, New Jersey

I want to thank you for all your invaluable help in my recovery process from Candida. Your homeopathics and your wonderful books have not only helped me but so many others. Thank you for your wonderful work”

Celia, Los Angeles, CA

“I am happy for you and sad for me to see you go. You have been a wonderful friend and when life has pinned us against the ropes, it has been very comforting to know that you were in our corner.”

Patti, San Diego, California

“I can’t thank you enough for restoring my health back to me. And it has only been five months and I am feeling so much better. I will miss you deeply. We need more Dr Lucs in this world."

Connie, New Jersey

" There is no way to thank you for what you have done –just for me alone-not to mention the countless victims of the current medical system. Only because God has gifted you with great understanding of the human body and psyche, and a sensitivity for surpassing even a woman’s sensitivity, do I still live. I surely would have been dead before my time was it not for you.”

Sally, Los Angeles, CA

“With much love and appreciation for the excellent care you have given to us professionally-words cannot adequately express our appreciation for not only the excellent treatment we receive in healthcare but for your magic making it so special and for validating the unique humanness in each of us. Your kindness, support and understanding has meant so very much!

Linda, Los Angeles, CA

“What a bright world this would be if every child’s life could be touched by someone as genuinely kind and caring as you.”

Elizabeth, Los Angeles, CA

“Please take with you our deepest caring and unending thanks for all that you have meant to us. Our family has a new respect for medical help due to your brilliance and caring. You may be moving but you will always be in our hearts.”

Helen, San Diego, California

“Thank you for everything, especially for being a teacher and a listener! You have changed my life forever. Although we will miss you terribly as a doctor, I am glad you are passing along your knowledge and wisdom to others.”

Karen, New Jersey

“I felt so touched by your empathy and kindness to me. I felt heard and seen and loved and understood. It gave me hope and strength. Surely this is the true healing power. Indeed, “the care of the patient means caring for the patient.”

Joy, California

“I would like to thank you for your support and treatment over the years. You have made my life so much better. I will always remember you for your loving, kind and generous manner. You are one in a million!”

Lucy, California

“I am saddened that you leave here but I understand. I know that because of your closeness to earth and your caring for its people, that mother Earth will always shelter you and your family. I know that Sky Father will shine down upon you and bless your every step. You are truly an earth warrior and a damn good medicine man.”

Clementine, San Diego, California

“You have brought miracles into our lives! Thank you for all your love and devotion that you put into your work. “

Louise, New Jersey

"Thank you for rescuing me and giving me the means to begin a better way of life. Your ability to see into my soul and to work with who I am, then to guide me in doing the necessary things, to change from the inside out, the process of miracles have started. I feel deeply grateful for the past two years to have known you as a wonderful human being and also a true healer.“

Lil, New Jersey

“They say everyone on earth has a guardian angel; we don’t have to think or wonder on earth who that kind and compassionate person would be…Dr luc!

Betty, New Jersey

“Meeting you has been a blessing. You truly stood out above the rest. Not only because your vast amount of knowledge but also your compassionate, understanding and caring ways. Although you touched our lives for a short time you will always be engraved in our thoughts forever because of the man you are.”

Diane, New Jersey

“This small token is meant to convey an infinite amount of gratitude and appreciation. Before I came to see you I felt I was a very bad person on the brink of mental illness. I am now able to recognize, understand and adjust my remedy to control my bad times. I thank you for saving my life and making my family happier!

Rosemary, New Jersey

“This past yea working for you has been a real revelation for me. I know you to be a gifted doctor but the love, patience and understanding you give your patients and those around you is a joy to behold. Your example gives us all a yard stick to live by.“

Pam, New Jersey

“We wanted to express our thanks for all you have done. The homeopathic remedies you have taught us made all the difference in the world. We are grateful you came to the area, bringing not only your expertise but the desire to help more people become involved with homeopathy. It has made a difference in how we now approach our own health concerns and we don’t hesitate to bring it to others’ attention.”

Gretchen, New Jersey

“There is comfort in your words and smiles. Your warmth and encouragement have meant so very much to me. This brings a heartfelt thank you for your thoughtful, caring way. There is nobody like you. I will miss you very much!”

Jennifer, New Jersey

“Many, many thanks for all you have done for us. In our lifetime we have met in you—a wonderful physician, a kind healer and above all, a loving friend.”

Dirk and Jean, New Jersey

“I am crying as I write this. I have been blessed to know some very special people in my life. I consider you one of the most special. Though you were always so busy you have always made time to help me and my family. You have done miracles for me and my daughter who loves you. I don’t know if I have words to express how we feel about you. I only hope you receive back in some measure the good health, happiness and love you deserve so much.”

Nancy, New Jersey